Charging and Remissions

School does not charge to educate your child. 

We do ask for donations from time to time to support events or help towards transport costs to venues. 

After-school clubs are provided free of charge. In the last year school did not ask for donations towards school trips for the majority of year groups. 

Quick guide

Milk (if you want your child to have a carton of milk every day) £15 annual charge

School Lunch

School Daily Price Weekly Price
St Johns C of E Primary School £2.20 £11.00
St Chrysostoms C of E Primary School  £2.25 £11.25


Breakfast club (St Chrysostom's CE only) £2 per day per child (second sibling discount £1)

Water Bottles: Every child receives a st John's Chrysostoms federation water bottle, no charge.

Bookbags: £6

School jumper : £8

School cardigan : £10