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School Council at St John's 

At St John's we are proud to have pupil representatives that take part in School Council meetings.  This is so that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them.  Through their class reps, all pupils have the opportunity to raise issues and share ideas that are then taken back to a school council meeting. This ensures that as many pupil voices as possible are heard.  Pupils at St John's know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter. 

Becoming part of our school council gives children the chance to develop some leadership skills. Each year we teach the children about democracy (one of the four British Values) and then complete class votes to choose our councillors. This is a fun process, which helps the children to understand the way that Britain is led and gives them an opportunity to write a letter of application or complete a verbal presentation to their peers explaining why they think they would be good at the job.

We currently have 12 school councillors (from year groups 2 to 6) plus 5 children in Y5 who represent our EYFS classes (Nursery, RA, RB,Y1A and Y1B).                                     They meet regularly to discuss school issues, facilitated by Ms Morgan.

School Council Work 20-21

At our first meeting, in September 20, we elected the officers from year 6:

Chair - Aysha            Secretary - Kytael            Treasurer - Hashim

This year has been a little more difficult due to the covid restrictins, lockdowns and bubble closures.                                                                                                                 

The Council have still managed to meet via Zoom and also together in the hall - socially distanced and wearing masks.

Our main focuses this year have been:

1) Healthy Living - the Daily Mile

2) Aspirations - what can we become?


Healthy Living

We have still been able to walk (and run) the mile around the playground after we measured the new spaces available for each year group.

In May, we launched the 'Daily Mile in May' Challenge and each class rep made a tally of names of children in their class who completed the mile that week.                      These numbers were sent to Ms Morgan at the end of each week and a trophy was awarded to the class with the most individual 'milers' (one for each Key Stage).                    Thank you to Ms Morgan for donating the trophies and well done to all the winners so far!

We hope to continue this during the last few weeks of term and also extend it to find out who is the fastest runner in St John's. Children will be encouraged to record a 1 lap time and we will compare the resuults across the school. We like a bit of a competitive edge! Watch this space for more news.


We found out about the many different jobs that our parents do - and what a great selection we have!                                                                                                  Unfortunately, due to the covid restrictions, we were unable to invite anyone in to talk to the children about their jobs.                                                                                    However, we do hope to continue with this project next year.

Other work this year...

Competitions - During lockdown in January, the class reps invited children from y2 to Y6 to enter a competion run by Aldi and the GB Olympic Team.                                      This was to create a brand new healthy dish for the GB team. We had several fantastic entries and we are waiting to find out if anyone at St John's is a winner!

Here is one of the entries (from Ishmael S) - a stack of tasty blueberry pancakes!

Ishmael S food creation aldi comp.jpg

Fund raising - The school council helped to raise money for 'Children in Need' by encouraging everyone to dress up on World Book Day.                                                        Even those classes learning remotely managed to take part!


School Council Work 19-20

Autumn Term 19

Fund Raising:

We held a MacMillan coffee morning at the front of school and invited our parents. There were lots of people attending - especially dads! The UKS councillors helped serve biscuits and collected money in the Macmillan boxes. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!

Spring Term 20

This term we have been involved with looking at further plan for new playground games. These are from Uniplay, who use special equipment to stick images to the playground tarmac. We really liked the idea of a map of the UK, the friendship rainbow, the large compass and the steps around the edge of the playground to help us walk or run a mile. (we think we would have to follow these footsteps 11 times round!)

We have recently heard that Mr Elswood likes our choices and that we will be seeing them installed on our playgorund very soon. Watch this space...!


School Council Work 18-19

Visit to Imperial war Museum - poppy display

Spring Term 2019

New  playground equipment....

'Hobbit House' 

Climbing wall

1-2-3 go



Peer Mediators

Our Peer Mediators are also chosen democratically and then receive training to help them to mentor and support other pupils on the playground. This supportive role builds leadership skills and gives our children the opportunity to interact across the year groups and solve problems together. This is a great learning experience for our pupils.

November 19

Our UKS2 councillors put in a bid for a grant from GMYN (Greater Manchester Youth Network) to support our proposed peer mediator project. They made a video outlining their plans and submitted it to GMYN.

We were so pleased when we heard the next week that we had WON! Not only that, but St John's were 1 of only 10 schools in Manchester that had been awarded a grant - over 25 schools applied. We now have £500 to spend on training for our peer mediator team and also to buy hi viz jackets and badges for them to wear on duty.

Joe Webster (from GMYN) came to visit us in school to tell us the good news. He told the school councillor all about GMYN work and what social action is. We made bookmarks with encouraging slogans on them to help children enjoy reading. We worked in groups to come up with ideas for a local cause to donate our bookmarks to. Our most popular idea was...Longsight Library.

Here are some of our completed bookmarks....

And here are some on display in Longsight Library...


December 19

There were over 60 applications for 16 peer mediator posts! Ms Morgan was overwhelmed by the response. She decided to expand the team to 21 and those children have now been informed of their success. We are eagerly looking forward to our training in January.



Sports Leaders

We have just introduced Sports Leaders in KS2. These children applied for the position and are now receiving training with a sports coach to help them to achieve their Playmaker Award. They support the coaches to deliver fun exercise and play opportunities at lunchtimes.


Eco Warriors

We have a small but dedicated team who help us to promote and organise our recycling at St John's. We hope to build upon this next year.


Classroom Helpers

All of our teachers recognise the motivational powers of giving children classroom roles and responsibilities. To find out more about these, visit your child's year group page.


Our children are aware of the UNICEF Rights of the Child.

Click below to read some great examples of Year 5's school charters - written based on these rights.

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